The Hope Flows™ Breast Cancer Initiative was created in response to the reality that Breast Cancer is a global health issue that deeply impacts all of us.

According to the World Health Organization, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in both developed and developing economies. Whether directly or indirectly, we all love someone who is touched by this disease.

While U.S. statistics tell us that 1 in 8 women can expect to be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime, and that over 44 thousand women will die of the disease in 2022 alone, our hearts tell us that there has to be a better way.

Through The Hope Flows™ Breast Cancer Initiative and together with our retail partners, we will support a global network of regional charities to create the widest possible impact.

Through our ongoing commitment to year-round Hope Flows™ awareness campaigns, fundraising initiatives, community events and evergreen percent-of-sales donations, we believe that together, we can and will help end this disease.

Our mission is to create a united, global community of hope that is focused on defeating Breast Cancer around the world – together.